iMsafe Rsync Licensing

Max Campos maxwell at
Thu Aug 8 19:09:26 EST 2002

Hi All,
	I was testing out a synchronization tool / backup tool for Mac OS X 
today called "iMsafe", and I noticed that under the hood it uses 
rsync -- yet the author gives absolutely no credit to rsync whatsoever.

Basically, it's a pretty GUI / scheduler with a copy of rsync built in 
(which it calls "ditto").

To verify this, simply download iMsafe, and then open up the terminal 
application.  Then do:

./ditto --help

... which prints out the full rsync 2.5.5 help screen.

What does the rsync community think about this?  If not illegal, I think 
it's at least bad karma.

- Max

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