destination dir doubles in size

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It makes perfect sense.
/mnt/backup2/systemBackup is a subdirectory of /
Every time you run it, you're also backing up /mnt/backup2/systemBackup/ into itself... look.
/mnt/backup2/systemBackup/mnt/backup2/systemBackup/ exists, and possibly deeper.
add "--exclude=/mnt/backup2/systemBackup"

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I am using Rsync to mirror my primary drive to a mounted second drive. I am using a crontab to control it:

30 3 * * * /usr/bin/rsync -rpogl /* /mnt/backup2/systemBackup/

The first run seems fine. But the subsequent running seems to double the original directory size. I notice this by running df -k. The destination size increases two fold, as if each time Rsync runs, it repeats itself, rather than skipping over unmodified
files. Do i need to change a switch?  FYI, i am running RH 7.1.


thanks in advance!

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