Problem using -v within rsync transfer.

CRUISE,DAVID (A-FtCollins,ex1) david_cruise at
Wed Oct 31 10:40:26 EST 2001


We have used rsync on a mirroring application successfully for just over a
year.  After our upgrade to 2.4.6, however, the process started failing
about 50% of the time.  The nature of our failure was that the rsync
processes on the remote system would die with no error message, leaving the
local system processes hung.  I have netstat and trace output for available
if needed, but I see that others have sent this information in.

Other details of the transfer include: our platforms are HPUX 10.20 (each
with 1.5GB Ram), the total data size is around 20GB, a typical transfer is
around 300MB (around 40,000 files).

After reading several other postings, we tried removing the -v from our
rsync command and our success rate improved dramatically (12 successes in a
row now).

What other platforms have this issue with -v?  Is there a known fix, or is a
fix in progress?

I ask because part of our process has always included a transfer size and
performance report.  Without some verbosity, -v, this information is not
obviously available.

Thank you for any workarounds or updates,

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