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That's the way it is.  If it's really a one-off change, a huge change in your structure, telnet ssh, rsh, and so forth, work really well for dropping in and deleting stuff (unless you're supplying the master, and other systems out of your control copy
from you).  Rsync is optimized for taking a filesystem in an unknown state, and making it identical to another filesystem in an unknown state, using network bandwidth as efficiently as possible.

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Hello -
      I have a problem/question about rsync's recursion and directory
replication. Here's the problem. Say I have a large filesystem, on the order
of a TB. It's all under /mnt/bigfs on host "local". In /mnt/bigfs, I have
three directories,  a, b, and c. I remove directory a. I want to propagate
this change to the host "remote", and what I'd like to do is have host
"remote" just remove directory a recursively. The only way I can see to do
that is to send directory /mnt/bigfs recursively from host "sender". This
doesn't work very well, though, 'cause it takes a *really* long time to walk
the whole filesystem. I know the only thing that's changed is the existence of
directory a - how to I propagate that change, and that change only?


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