cannot create /padrao/.oi2.sJ5loG : No such file or directory

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Wed Oct 24 06:43:44 EST 2001

An analysis of your command line, (information gleaned by R(eading) T(he) F(***ing) M(anual):
"rsync -uve ssh ./oi2 drcpc1:/padrao/oi2"
Using ssh, rsync ./oi2 into the directory /padrao/oi2 on drcpc1, updating only older files, lightly verbose.
Your apparent intention is to create a subdirectory named oi2 inside the module named padrao, which is actually /usr/adm/padrao.
My guess is that that isn't even what you want to do, but rather to put the CONTENTS of oi2 into the subdirectory oi2 of padrao.
as you've already got ssh working, and you are writing to that system, you should forget about the rsyncd.conf entirely.  writing to rsyncd doesn't work well, and leaves you open to modification of your files, with no accountability, unless you use a
password, which is still eminently sniffable.
The commandline you're probably looking for is "rsync -uve ssh ./oi2/ drcpc1:/usr/adm/padrao/oi2".  That's by the manual.  I have actually had unexpected bad luck using the trailing / syntax, and had many subdirectories seem to be missing from the source,
and deleted 3/4 of my installation.
you might prefer this syntax: "rsync -uve ssh ./oi2 drcpc1:/usr/adm/padrao".  This syntax has the added advantage that if it's used in a generic synchronization script, it works whether you're sending a file or a directory, with no syntax change.

If you insist on writing to the rsyncd, you'll need "rsync -uv ./oi2 drcpc1::/padrao".  forget the ssh, that's an external transport, like the default rsh.  using the :: tells rsync to use it's internal transport, directly to a waiting (or inetd-spawned)

Don't worry about the odd name, ".oi2.sJ5loG", rsync first creates a file or directory as a hidden file with some random gibberish at the end of its filename, then moves it over.
Without knowing more about your specific setup, i can't get any deeper.

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I'm trying to use rsync.

my /usr/local/etc/rsyncd.conf is:

log file = /var/log/rsyncd
pid file = /etc/
syslog facility = local5

comment= Arquivos para Configuracao Maq RedHat
read only=no
list = yes

I want to write in /usr/adm/padrao with the command
"rsync -uve ssh ./oi2 drcpc1:/padrao/oi2"
of client machine but I received this message of error:

andreia at drcpc1's password: xxxxxxx
cannot create /padrao/.oi2.sJ5loG : No such file or directory
wrote 85 bytes  read 36 bytes  22.00 bytes/sec
total size is 11  speedup is 0.09

and the file oi2 isn't write in the server drcpc1


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