problem with 2.4.7pre4

Jeremy Hansen jeremy at
Fri Nov 30 10:33:58 EST 2001

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Martin Pool wrote:

> On 29 Nov 2001, Jeremy Hansen <jeremy at> wrote:
> > Linux.  
> By the way when reporting bugs like this it is good to give a more
> specific description, like "RedHat 7.1 on x86".

Sorry.  This is a Red Hat 6.2 machine.  2.2.19 kernel.  Both ends are the 

> > Other files are ok, even files that are simular in size, I have a 
> > 700meg file that seems ok.
> > 
> > I'm aware of the 2 gig limit, but these files aren't close to 2gigs.  
> > Note that I get very bad behavior with 2.4.7pre4, it doesn't even attempt 
> > to copy, 2.4.6 just seems to fail at the end.
> 2.4.7 should not have a 2GB limit unless the underlying OS does.  On
> Linux this means that you need a moderately recent version of both the
> kernel (>2.4?) and C library.  If you have that, despite running on a
> mostly-32-bit processor it should work properly.  rsync --version will
> tell you whether rsync *thinks* it can handle big files, but it's
> possible that they will still fail.
> > > > > access_log
> > > > > write failed on access_log : Success
> > > > > unexpected EOF in read_timeout
> That error often means the ssh connection is failing.

The server is running rsyncd and client connections are going over an 
stunnel.  The daemon is actually running using DJB's 

Here is the command line of the server:

exec envuidgid root \
tcpserver -DRUvX -x /etc/tcpcontrol/rsyncd.cdb 0 rsync rsync -vvv --daemon

> Can you please post the exact command you're running and the rsyncd
> configuration file?

Here is the command line of the client:

rsync -avz --progress rsync://localhost/apache_logs/access_log .

localhost because this is going over an stunnel.  Here is the rsyncd.conf:

use chroot = yes
hosts allow =
uid = nobody
gid = nobody

        uid = root
        gid = root
        path = /usr/local/apache/logs
        comment = apache server log files, etc.
        read only = yes

Thank You.


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