problem with 2.4.7pre4

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Nov 30 10:54:43 EST 2001

On 29 Nov 2001, Jeremy Hansen <jeremy at> wrote:

> Sorry.  This is a Red Hat 6.2 machine.  2.2.19 kernel.  Both ends are the 
> same.

OK, thanks.

> > > > > > unexpected EOF in read_timeout
> > 
> > That error often means the ssh connection is failing.
> The server is running rsyncd and client connections are going over an 
> stunnel.  The daemon is actually running using DJB's 
> ucspi-tcp/daemontools/supervise.

In this case it may be that the stunnel is collapsing.  It could be
good to turn up the verbosity on stunnel, if possible.  Failing that
perhaps try attaching to it with 

  # strace -p PIDOFSTUNNEL -o /tmp/stunnel.trace

to see whether it exits or seems to get an error.

The command and config file look OK.


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