Niels Andersen niels at
Sun Nov 18 08:14:10 EST 2001

I really don't understand why rsync isn't used more than it is.
I don't understand why no download managers (AFAIK) supports rsync.
Every download manager talks about downloading fast, and being able to
resume. Bot none of them (again, AFAIK) supports compression or
error-correction. The most sophisticated (at this point) only supports
rollback at resuming. How lame is that?

So, you can always just use the textmode application. Which is fine for me,
but for most people, no way. In stead, people waste their own and the
servers bandwidth.

I'm thinking about making a small GUI program wich makes it easy to browse
and download from rsync servers. So, if you download a file with errors, or
if a file is updated, you only download the differences, which rsync is all
about (in this case, anyway).
If people like this program, more fileservers will offer rsync too, instead
of just http and ftp. And download managers will probably also start to
implement rsync.

For a starter, the program will probably be a Windows-only program. But it
will be developed with cross-platform in mind.

I'd like to hear if there's other GUI-projects for rsync. I've been looking
around without finding anything.
Also, I'd like to hear some viewpoints from you, specially from the people
behind rsync.
And finally, I'd love to get in touch with one or more programmers, since
I'm not really that good a programmer myself. :)

Niels Andersen

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