Rsync problems (was Re: (no subject))

Rusty Carruth rcarruth at
Tue Nov 20 02:27:52 EST 2001

amiel ong <ongamiel at> wrote:
>   I already installed rsync on both my server(running
> FREEBSD 4.4) and
> win98 macine. My LAN don't connect to the internet so
> it is quite secure, is it possible if I don't use
> OpenSSH? 
>  when I run "rsync", I get this
> message:
>  "failed to cennect to - Resource is
> remote"
> is the ip address of my server. It is
> running rsync as a stand alone daemon (rsync
> --daemon).
> ...
> is the IP address of my win98 machine.
> what do you think is the problem?

I think that you're getting a variation on the 'no route
to host' message.  What's the netmask on the two machines?

(Even though, with the addresses only differing by two,
thats a stretch for my guess to be right!)

First, lets debug network connectivity:

Can you ping 104 from 102 and vice versa?

If not, what does traceroute say (both directions)?

Ok, so now we know that the network works.  Here's what my
command line looks like:

rsync --times --update --verbose --compress --stats --exclude=\*~ --exclude=\*.o \
        --exclude=dummy_templates --exclude=core --exclude=pt --exclude=\*.ERR --exclude \*.ciok \
        --exclude=\*gz --exclude=ee9k \
        * user at themachine:/the/path

(I've only slightly hacked the last line, removing identifying info ;-)

I'm not familiar with the "::" format of the rsync command line, perhaps
someone else who is can step in and help with that.


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