Rsync not doing its job.

Erick Perez - Network Administrator eperez at
Thu Aug 30 20:47:56 EST 2001

Hi there, I like to have your advice in the following attemp. I have a
binary file that needs to be mirrored every one hour from this server to
another server via SSH.
Here is the command (all in one single line).
/usr/bin/rsync  /home/mabf/SparkNuevo/PMSystem97-Data.mdb -vv -e ssh
-p -o -g

Here is the output of this command:

wrote 44072 bytes  read 60084 bytes  3109.13 bytes/sec
total size 9766912 speedup 93.77

The thing is that if I run this command N times, the output is the same
and the other machine never sees the changes.
Am I doing something wrong? Also, what means the output of the --verbose
command shown above?

Boxes: Two Mandrake 8.0 with rsync 2.4.6 (latest)

Erick Perez
Network Administrator
Mitchell Anderson & Blythe
eperez at

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