[clug] Suggestions for hosting a large low-usage database

Andreas Bauer a at pspace.org
Sat Sep 5 10:03:57 UTC 2020

On Fri, Sep 04, 2020 at 02:02:21PM +1000, Paul Leopardi via linux wrote:

> A few years ago I had a Nectar cloud account that I used to host a web
> dashboard connected to a 200GB PostgreSQL database. The dashboard was
> intended to very infrequently handle a very small number of users, usually
> just one.
> [...]
> Does anyone know where I can find help to correctly size the ec2
> instances that I would need for a low usage dashboard combined with a 200GB
> database? Also, what if I scaled the database size up to 6TB, still with a
> very infrequent, very small number of users? Would I need a different
> instance type?

Besides Amazon, also Salesforce's service (Heroku) comes to mind.  But
both have a hefty price tag for such large volume (6 TB, really?)
databases.  Therefore, I would personally consider if putting the
database on a Raspberry Pi under the sofa and getting a DynDNS/static
IP is an option.  6 TB disk storage is cheap these days, and (say) a
PostgreSQL instance won't require a lot of computing power from what
you describe.

Just a thought...


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