[clug] Suggestions for hosting a large low-usage database

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Sep 6 03:09:44 UTC 2020

Backblaze are the cheapest commercial cloud storage I know of.
They’ve an “S3” compatible interface - your DB would have to access it, not ‘local disk’ as I believe EC2 instances have.


> On 4 Sep 2020, at 14:02, Paul Leopardi via linux <linux at lists.samba.org> wrote:
> Hello CLUG,
> A few years ago I had a Nectar cloud account that I used to host a web
> dashboard connected to a 200GB PostgreSQL database. The dashboard was
> intended to very infrequently handle a very small number of users, usually
> just one.
> Now that I am professional staff at ANU, I am unlikely to succeed in
> getting a project up on Nectar. One other option is Amazon ec2.
> Does anyone know where I can find help to correctly size the ec2
> instances that I would need for a low usage dashboard combined with a 200GB
> database? Also, what if I scaled the database size up to 6TB, still with a
> very infrequent, very small number of users? Would I need a different
> instance type?
> All the best, Paul
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