[clug] Suggestions for hosting a large low-usage database

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Fri Sep 4 04:41:41 UTC 2020

One of the advantage of "the cloud" is the ability to scale up as
needed. I'd take the smallest EC2 instance you can create and then when
that proves too small: Stop the instance increase the RAM, CPU, and disc
as needed then restart the instance. I know GCP will even let you know
in the console when this is a good idea with " Increase perf." written
next to the VM in the table. Clicking on the link will then get you more
detail such as "This instance has had high CPU utilisation recently.
Consider switching to the machine type: custom (2 vCPUs, 3.75 GB
memory)." I don't know if AWS has such a feature as it's been a while
since I've had to change anything in work's AWS configuration. The point
was that you can simple increase the size as needed with an outage of a
few minutes so don't worry about starting small it will save you dollars.


On 4/9/20 14:02, Paul Leopardi via linux wrote:
> Hello CLUG,
> A few years ago I had a Nectar cloud account that I used to host a web
> dashboard connected to a 200GB PostgreSQL database. The dashboard was
> intended to very infrequently handle a very small number of users, usually
> just one.
> Now that I am professional staff at ANU, I am unlikely to succeed in
> getting a project up on Nectar. One other option is Amazon ec2.
> Does anyone know where I can find help to correctly size the ec2
> instances that I would need for a low usage dashboard combined with a 200GB
> database? Also, what if I scaled the database size up to 6TB, still with a
> very infrequent, very small number of users? Would I need a different
> instance type?
> All the best, Paul

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