[clug] Pentium 4 (and 32bit Ubuntu)

Adam Baxter voltagex at voltagex.org
Thu Apr 2 08:17:52 UTC 2020

> Oh, I want to have some 'family' hardware doing something useful. (It was
> my son's gaming machine.) I know it can run various bits of Amateur Radio
> software, inc signal processing, under Linux. And, while flashed up, BOINC
> processing on the side.

I hate to burst your bubble but it's unlikely that an old Pentium 4 will be able to contribute meaningfully to BOINC - it'll certainly generate a lot of heat and use a lot of power while trying.

> BUT, when I try to run 32bit Ubuntu on it, from a USB, the lights are on
> (the string under the name keep moving) but no-body is at home. I left it,
>  today, for several hours.

Edit the bootloader line and remove "quiet" from the end to see what's actually happening.


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