[clug] Gnome - Why? just Why?

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Mon May 27 10:39:22 UTC 2019

Hi George:

> Question: How is the Gnome way to find programs of a certain type,
> like games, or photo editing programs, when you have do idea which
> program but want to look though a list ?

The Dash is down the left of my monitor. It's a column of favourite 
icons. Mine include Ubuntu Software and Synaptic Package Manager.

First I'd click the Ubuntu Software icon. Typing "game" lists available 
and installed games.

Next I'd click Synaptic Package Manager. Launching it requires entering 
the password. Then I'd click Search and type "game". Listing such, and 
if they're installed.

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