[clug] Gnome - Why? just Why?

Chris Smart clug at csmart.io
Mon May 27 07:28:23 UTC 2019

On Mon, 27 May 2019, at 14:47, George at Clug via linux wrote:
> Hi, and once again, I want to say thanks to everyone for their
> comments. I want to make comment to various points people have made.
> Question: How is the Gnome way to find programs of a certain type,
> like games, or photo editing programs, when you have do idea which
> program but want to look though a list ?

Don't know about Debian but GNOME groups things. If you press activities you'll see there should be groups like "Utilities" and "Games" etc.

> And for those with enough free time to read...
> "Might be a good CLUG demo sometime." - Some time ago I wanted to
> understand gnome but as I did not have as much time on my hands as I
> do now, I never succeeded, however at that time some, I think Chris,
> did a short demo of Gnome at CLUG. Why this did not help me back then

Oh, yeah probably.

> was two fold, 1) I could not see his hands, and they were so efficient
> I could not notice the slight movements, 2) with one overhead

OK good to know, I can make sure I go slower next time and show you the commands, etc. Shows just how efficient GNOME 3 is ;-)
> A forward step: It was suggested that I should work with Gnome for a
> while, give it a try, and that learning and getting to use a different
> style of doing things does not happen overnight. I am continuing to
> use Gnome. This morning I wanted to open a Text editor (gedit), which
> I know well a like a lot. Earlier this morning, being frustrated with
> not having a full menu, I went into the Tweek tool and turned on
> "Applications Menu", and so I went to the menu, because the menu item
> for Gedit was not immediately visible and I am feeling halve asleep,
> it seems too difficult to go hunt though the menu for the application,
> so I just hit "Super" and typed "ge", when Gedit showed, I then
> pressed enter. I was amazed just how quick and simple this was, since
> I was the one a few days ago, complaining I hate finding an
> application by typing its name.


Note that searching for both "gedit" and "text editor" should work. Other also work, like "firefox" and "browser" or "web."

> A backward step: I used the above instance of Gedit to store comments
> people made in their emails so I can respond to them in this email. To
> find that instance which was on my second monitor and by now had
> become covered by other programs, I used the Tweeks "Window list" to
> quickly bring it to the foreground using my mouse. I guess over time I
> will learn to press Alt-Tab as I just did then to cement the concept
> into my mind. As Chris has said, if I used the keyboard, I would not
> have had to lift my hands of the keyboard as I was typing this email,
> when I wanted to being Gedit to the foreground.  I think this will
> actually be quicker and easier once I get into the habit.  I have
> some person habits to retrain.

If you already had gedit open then just alt ` but if you didn't then just alt-tab to gedit?


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