[clug] Gnome - Why? just Why?

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Mon May 27 07:48:33 UTC 2019

Your input is welcome - hijack away...


On Monday, 27-05-2019 at 17:40 Mike Carden wrote:

[1] I had the good fortune to be in the crowd (as some of you may have
been) when Tridge crowdsourced a shell implementation of a bitkeeper
contributing zero code himself and in under 3 minutes.

I guess a few of us were in that Lecture Theatre that day. My
imagination accords him a Standing Ovation for `--help` but maybe it
was just laughter and applause. The years do play tricks on the mind.

I count myself fortunate to have been in the room for Rusty Russell's
Software Patents Interpretive Dance in Hobart - another iconic LCA

Someone should make a Docco about LCA, but I fear I have hijacked this


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