[clug] Gnome3 & A different way of doing things

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun May 26 09:57:43 UTC 2019

Thanks for the remarks.

Cranky, could be correct, however I would prefer the word "frustrated"
as in "frustrated with perceived loss and reduction in functionality".

Many years ago I worked with UI design for computer programs, so
looking at a UI and analysing it for its "beauty" in form,
effectiveness and usefulness is a part of how I use computers.


Years previously, there was a program called WordStar, but even more
so I recall everyone around me was using a program called
"WordPerfect" and they would tell me about the various keystroke
combinations for access the programs functionality and how easy it
was. I had difficulty remembering the keystrokes effectively. Then
Word 2.0 came out, it had too things going for it, WYSIWYG, and text
based menus for selecting functionality. The menus were great for
people like myself who only used a word processor occasionally as it
took away the memory load of all of those keystroke combinations. Over
time WordPerfect with all its keystroke combinations faded away into
history and Word is still with us (sadly the text based menus have
been lost for a vast array of incomprehensibly icons). Scripsit was
the first word processor  I used. 

Yet even a few more years previously, both before the days of DOS and
when DOS first came into existed, there were no mice, and keyboard
shortcuts was the only method available. I was so pleased when text
based menus became a thing, first with PC Tools and later with Windows
and its programs. Text based menus made computer programs so much
easier to use.

Somehow in the last few years (since the rise of the Smart Phone),
text based menus have lost popularity.  I doubt the wisdom of this.

Along with the rise of the smart phone, I have noticed desktop
operating system becoming infected with design concepts used by Smart
Phones. I use the word "infected" as I see it introduces less than
optimal functionality, and often at the loss of previously better

The Gnome lock screen is one such item. I have do have a laptop
(non-touch screen, 1920x1080 resolution) and I do not see or have any
need for a Lock Screen before one needs to enter a user name and
password. My plea to GUI designers is leave Lock Screens to touch
enabled devices, remove them or at least allow them to be removed from
Desktop and laptop computers.

I recognise that Gnome 3 is quite a different concept to the GUI
design that I have used previously. I want to call out anything that I
see as lost of functionality or that decreases functionality, and
check with others to see if I have over looked or misunderstood

I like the quote Bryan found "They prefer simplicity over flashy new
interfaces".  If flashy means improved functionality, I am all for
it. Simplicity is generally, though not always, an improvement in
functionality. I guess that is why the wheels on my car are standard,
and not flashy. People do buy things just because they are "flashy".


In short I suspect that in the longer term I will keep using Xfce,
however I first want to understand the logic behind Gnome 3's design
and whether it has improved functionality for the Desktop or has lost
functionally. So if you can help me on how best to use Gnome 3, please


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