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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun May 26 05:56:00 UTC 2019

Thanks for your comments.

Does anyone have a simple method of turning the Lock Screen off? 

I can get close by disabling the screen saver and keeping the computer
from going into power saving.

Yeah, I will also complain about what a Smart Phone Lock Screen on a
Desktop. I cannot determine any justifiable reason for its existence. 


I agree logging in should not get in the way, but a lock screen does.

Unlocking and logging into a device is something that people do a lot.
Since people do it a lot, it’s important that the experience is
smooth and doesn’t get in the way. 

Since not all of us required the Lock Screen, would it be OK to have a
Settings option to have it turned off?

Being a Desktop PC user, screen blanking for power saving is all I
need. I usually have Power Saving turned off as if I am using the
computer I have it turned on, and if I am not using it, I will turn it
off at the power point before walking away. There are the occasional
times when I have a long download, or an unattended task that will
take some time to complete, and I will leave the computer running
while I am away, but then I need to to be running, not going to sleep,
screen blanking is useful at this time. If I need the computer locked,
I can initiate the locking.


On Sunday, 26-05-2019 at 15:23 Hal Ashburner wrote:

On Sun, 26 May 2019 at 13:58, George at Clug via linux 
	*  wrote:

Hi to anyone bothers to read this,

Gnome ???  Its UI Design leave me pondering, "why ?".

They went a different way.

1) Hit the super key ("windows" logo or "apple" logo key on many
keyboards) Just once
2) start typing the application you want to open by /any/ name that it
is known by
3) use the arrow keys to select it if more than one app is displayed
and the one you want isn't the first
4a) hit enter to select the existing instance or open it if it's
4b) hit ctrl enter to open a new instance or window if it's already
It may not be something you care for in which case there are other
excellent window managers around. I love it. Each to their own. You
may enjoy it once you get used to it. You may not? You may not ever
get that far. I find it super fast, super convenient and very,
efficient. Mental block on "firefox" (it happens, sue me), type
"browser" or whatever and it works great. 

I guessing that the reason the above Windowed UI items are missing is
that Gnome is geared toward Tablets PCs and Smart Phones which cannot
make use of mice, and hence Gnome' goal is to make the use of a mouse
as redundant as possible.

I strongly doubt this. Typing is a pain on tablets and phones, mouse
like tapping of the screen is their preferred interface. Gnome
probably isn't that great in such a situation. it's optimised for
keyboard use.
I suspect it is more due to the "ratpoison" mindset as explained in
the following link, which incidentally I find to be the funniest
mailing list post I have ever read and while unlikely to be greatly
edifying may be worth your time for entertainment value alone ??

Good luck with whatever works.
(Just quietly isn't it great we can swap in and out a whole WM for one
we personally prefer whenever we feel like it - then hack the ruddy
thing so it's /just exactly/ how we want it? If you've been stuck on
an proprietary system temporarily it jars so hard when you can't do



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