[clug] Gnome & Lock Screen

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Sun May 26 06:52:21 UTC 2019

George, I think you might be a bit cranky. It's certainly how i get when i
expect one thing from my machine and get another, slowing me down and
forcing me to think about something I find stupid.

I could also be completely miss reading, it happens...

Uninstall gnome-screensaver?

Use a wm with a different design approach?

Gnome has an idea of "sensible defaults" and minimal configuration options
as providing an option tries to get you serving uses that aren't your
speciality at a cost to those that are. It can also be a decision cop out.
"Should we do this at all? We'll just give the users the option..."

It is not necessary to agree with this approach at all. Other wms do things
differently and are really good!

I have a script in ~/bin that matches an expletive and tells me:

"Pop outside and enjoy since fresh air. It's just a computer..."

I'm not sure it helps but when I'm not cranky i can see the sense of it.

Lock screens are pretty essential in pod farms and for laptops fwiw.
Laptops are probably the number one wm use nowadays..?

You've got tweak tool installed, yeah? Do continue to tweak and hack away
if you're enjoying it... But really, use what *you* like the way you like
it. If it pisses you off it's not because you're wrong. Gnome working great
for me doesn't mean you have to like it or use it. I'm not an expert
either, don't need to be, which is something I like.

You can't hack Perl code in the Python language, as I learned, it just
frustrates you. The second time I looked at python it really wasn't so bad
and I know python didn't change... Significant whitespace managed to go
from idiotic to an absolute masterstroke somehow behind my back in the
interim. Dunno how that happened but it was sneaky as.

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