[clug] June 2019 CLUG Meeting

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Sat Jun 29 12:11:07 UTC 2019

Thanks, Steve:

> This is not a learning environment 
> dedicated solely for you to further your knowledge within one of your 
> chosen hobbies.

I switched from Mac OS X to Ubuntu.

> CLUG has always been unashamedly technical in our talk topics.

I appreciate the variety of perspectives shown.

> This does 
> not mean that beginners are not welcome, far from it.

I'm a member of CLUG for computing, like I'm a member of NRMA for driving.

> We welcome people 
> who seek to further their knowledge and understanding, but we do expect 
> a minimum standard of behavior from them while doing do.

I can't perceive:
	* rhetorical questions;
	* reading between the lines;
	* unstated assumptions; etc.

> Your behavior at the talk on Thursday, in previous meetings, and 
> currently on the mailing list, is unwarranted and is both offensive and 
> insulting to those involved, so much so that finding people willing to 
> speak at meetings is becoming increasingly difficult.

I didn't expect to get the tech. So I brought drawing-gear.

> If you continue to behave in this manner, CLUG will be introducing a 
> Code of Conduct that will apply to attendees at all events organised 
> under the CLUG banner, including Beersig, Monthly meetings, and any 
> postings to the CLUG mailing list.

Humour would help more.

> If the talks at CLUG are not to your liking, the PCUG Linux SIG has 
> regular meetings at various times during the day, their information can 
> be found http://www.pcug.org.au/wp/member-services-2/calendar/

I've become a night-owl.

> Youtube, a video hosting site run by google, also has some very good 
> instructional videos on using the plethora of applications available on 
> Linux.

I've been following the command-line instructions here.

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