[clug] June 2019 CLUG Meeting

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sat Jun 29 11:25:55 UTC 2019


This is the mailing list for CLUG. The C in CLUG is for "Canberra", this 
means we try to embrace and be inclusive to people from all over the 
region who share a common interest. This is not a learning environment 
dedicated solely for you to further your knowledge within one of your 
chosen hobbies.

CLUG has always been unashamedly technical in our talk topics. This does 
not mean that beginners are not welcome, far from it. We welcome people 
who seek to further their knowledge and understanding, but we do expect 
a minimum standard of behavior from them while doing do.

Your behavior at the talk on Thursday, in previous meetings, and 
currently on the mailing list, is unwarranted and is both offensive and 
insulting to those involved, so much so that finding people willing to 
speak at meetings is becoming increasingly difficult.

If you continue to behave in this manner, CLUG will be introducing a 
Code of Conduct that will apply to attendees at all events organised 
under the CLUG banner, including Beersig, Monthly meetings, and any 
postings to the CLUG mailing list.

If the talks at CLUG are not to your liking, the PCUG Linux SIG has 
regular meetings at various times during the day, their information can 
be found http://www.pcug.org.au/wp/member-services-2/calendar/

Youtube, a video hosting site run by google, also has some very good 
instructional videos on using the plethora of applications available on 


On 29/6/19 8:30 pm, Bryan Kilgallin via linux wrote:
> Thanks for that, Alastair:
>> My past experiences with him are one reason why I rarely attend CLUG any
>> more.
> Moving on is healthy.
>> Toxic behaviour is not acceptable in a community that strives to be 
>> open and
>> welcoming.
> I'm an Aspie. That's medical. Didn't you learn psychology at uni?
> {Some difficulties that a person on the autism spectrum might 
> experience anywhere, but in particular on the job, are:
>     Communicating - understanding others, expressing oneself 
> effectively and appropriately
>     Understanding expectations
>     Predicting consequences
>     Literal understanding
>     Social processing - reading faces, understanding humor, 
> understanding emotions of others
>     Processing information (written, verbal, auditory, circumstances)
>     Sensory issues- noise, lights, smells, people (distractions, 
> disturbances)
>     Executive function - understanding priorities, multi-tasking, 
> organization, seeing the big picture}.
> https://www.findatopdoc.com/Healthy-Living/Adults-with-Autism-in-the-Workplace-Accommodation-Tips 

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