[clug] June 2019 CLUG Meeting

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Sat Jun 29 10:30:54 UTC 2019

Thanks for that, Alastair:

> My past experiences with him are one reason why I rarely attend CLUG any
> more.

Moving on is healthy.

> Toxic behaviour is not acceptable in a community that strives to be open and
> welcoming.

I'm an Aspie. That's medical. Didn't you learn psychology at uni?

{Some difficulties that a person on the autism spectrum might experience 
anywhere, but in particular on the job, are:

     Communicating - understanding others, expressing oneself 
effectively and appropriately
     Understanding expectations
     Predicting consequences
     Literal understanding
     Social processing - reading faces, understanding humor, 
understanding emotions of others
     Processing information (written, verbal, auditory, circumstances)
     Sensory issues- noise, lights, smells, people (distractions, 
     Executive function - understanding priorities, multi-tasking, 
organization, seeing the big picture}.


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