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Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Wed May 30 07:57:09 UTC 2018

On 30/05/18 16:01, Bryan Kilgallin via linux wrote:
> Where MyPaint truly excels is in the area of the brush collection. Not
> only does MyPaint already offer an outstanding (and very usable) set of
> brushes, it includes an amazingly simple brush import tool (more on that
> later).}
> https://www.linux.com/learn/mypaint-fills-graphics-void-linux

That's an old article (I didn't know Jack Wallen was an artist).


deviantart is a good place to find digital artists with opinions about
art software. Krita is highly rated by many (most?) of the Linux based



GIMP comes with dozens of brushes, thousands more can be freely
downloaded, it can also use Photoshop brushes and it's simple to create
your own. (I believe Jack Wallen is mistaken if he believes that
MyPaint's advantage over GIMP is brushes - perhaps he's never used GIMP?)


scott at aspire ~ $ locate brushes | grep gimp | grep '.gb\|.gih\|.v' | wc -l

Krita, while duplicating some of the functionality of GIMP and
Photoshop, is much closer to Corel Painter (but faster, and at a much
better price).

Krita is much more suited to creating "pixel based" images (as opposed
to SVG, e.g. Karbon, and Inkscape), especially for "painting".

Good luck with your journey exploring alternatives to Photoshop.

Kind regards

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