[clug] [OT] Bézier curve

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Wed May 30 06:01:14 UTC 2018


 > I'm familiar with the Adobe Illustrator pen tool, and it appears that
 > the MyPaint people have done something a bit different.

and Scott:

 > You may find the GIMP guide to creating them useful (or not, depending
 > on how MyPaint allows you to manipulate them - I've never used
 > MyPaint).
 >> MyPaint wiki home is here.
 >> https://github.com/mypaint/mypaint/wiki

 >I've looked at it, but it lacks many of the features I use.

Here's a review of MyPaint.

{When you think of Linux and graphic art tools, you probably consider 
Gimp or Blender to be the only available software. With that thought, 
you’d be very wrong. Yes, Gimp and Blender are the de facto standard 
tools for either image manipulation (Gimp) or Blender (3D graphics and 
animation), but what if you need a tool to create images from scratch?

Naturally, a program like MyPaint requires a certain skillset. Just 
because you are a master of Gimp, doesn’t mean you’ll run MyPaint and 
start creating masterpieces. With an application like MyPaint, you 
really need drawing/painting skills in order get the most out of the 
tool. you will also need a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet—as neither 
a mouse nor a trackpad is up to the task at hand.

The basic features of MyPaint are:

     Available for Windows and GNU/Linux

     Designed for pressure-sensitive graphics tablets

     Simple and minimalistic user interface

     Extensive brush creation and configuration options

     Unlimited canvas (you never have to resize)

     Basic layer support

Where MyPaint truly excels is in the area of the brush collection. Not 
only does MyPaint already offer an outstanding (and very usable) set of 
brushes, it includes an amazingly simple brush import tool (more on that 


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