[clug] low power device for VPN end point

Tony Lewis tony at lewistribe.com
Tue Jan 10 01:17:52 UTC 2017

One user, maybe occasionally two or three.  The Atom performance on the 
CheckBoxes is impressive, but pricey, starting at US$1000.  Are there 
homebrew Atom units>  I can see some on AliExpress that are based on 
Atom Z3735, and booting to Windows and Android, for home media centre 
stuff.  A quick googling around says that installing Linux onto Bay 
Trail architecutre (the Z3735) might not work.

Also, I'm struggling to find a simple benchmark shootout between ARM and 
Atom, even to find if they're in the same ballpark.  Not sure why.


On 10/01/17 08:30, David C wrote:
> What is your target throughput? One user or many?
> Single threaded should not be a problem unless you need breathtaking 
> speed. Will your traffic compress well?
> Is 73-100Mbps on an Atom good enough?
> Source: 
> https://www.clearos.com/resources/documentation/clearos/content:en_us:kb_o_openvpn_performance
> On 9 Jan. 2017 22:23, "Tony Lewis" <tony at lewistribe.com 
> <mailto:tony at lewistribe.com>> wrote:
>     I'm looking for a low power device to be a VPN end point, and I am
>     after recommendations, please.
>     The key requirement is high VPN throughput.  I lean towards
>     OpenVPN, but because it's single-threaded, it seems there are
>     often struggles to get anywhere close to native throughput.  I
>     understand IPSec implementations are/can be multithreaded, so that
>     might better fit the bill.
>     HDMI and GPU and desktop stuff is not important.  Just low power,
>     high crypto throughput, high reliability and solid Linux support.
>     Tony
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