[clug] How does DMARC with with mailing lists?

Sam Parkinson sam at sam.today
Mon Jan 9 20:27:04 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I run my own mail server, and to get good deliverability I use SPF
(listing the server that are allowed to send mail on my behalf) and
DKIM (signing all outgoing messages with a domainkey).  I also use
DMARC - which means that I get a digest of where mails are coming from
that providers are marking as passing SPF/DKIM, and where it is

I saw that "samba.org" was sending emails for my domain and all of them
failed DMARC.  Lucky DMARC has many modes, and the mode I'm in sets the
failure case to just notify me.  But some mail providers would set the
failure case to bounce or spam offending messages.

How do mailing lists keep up with DKIM/SPF?



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