[clug] EFI / Windoze help

Rodney Peters rpeters at pcug.org.au
Tue Jan 10 02:17:42 UTC 2017

People might be missing a fundamental issue here - some Win 10 devices
are designed, as part of a commercial arrangement, so that nothing else
can readily be installed on them.  Searching for help on the following
device illustrates:

"MINIX NEO Z64 INTEL Windows 10 Mini PC"

It might require some Windoze program to brute force copy Linux over Win
10 - I have not contemplated attempting that.  Maybe you could try
shrinking Win 10 and putting Linux in a separate partition - if Win 10
will allow one to be created.

Then some means of disabling the Win bootloader - which won't boot
anything else.  See:


Followed by some means of restoring booting

+1 to Bryan's approach - you did pay for it via Credit Card ?


BTW, my third attempt to send this message - CLUG blacklisted by iinet.

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