[clug] Desktop Environments - Thursday 2016-05-26 19:00

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Thu May 26 21:26:39 UTC 2016

    Thanks everyone for your presentations and comments and questions
from those who were not presenting, in all it was a great discussion
and demonstration of various Linux applications, environments, and
distros.  And lots of fun to boot.

I realise we only touched on a few items, and I still have many
queries myself.  But what we did cover was very helpful.

What I personally learned about was;

Since I mainly use Xfce or Cinnamon, I found out how Gnome 12 and 16
are different and how to use both of these interfaces/environments.
I was surprised to learn that Korora does not have Flash installed, I
wonder how it works with Youtube and other video sites?  I guess I
should try an installation of Korora and find out.    ; )

I used KDE a long time ago (about 20 years, I think) and I enjoyed
seeing its being used.

I have rarely used multiple virtual displays, now I am encouraged to
use them much more, though I will say, it is difficult to break out of
old habits of working. Using three monitors, I don't often find my
screen all that cluttered, at least not to the point where I am driven
to use multiple virtual displays, Gnome may be the reason for me to
learn?  And while in Xfce/Cinnamon I will also try to remember to use
different virtual displays for different tasks/processes that I am
working with.

For managing my photos, I simply use a series of folders by camera, by
date, then by event, for example;


I don't take many photos so many folders are empty.

Now I have seen ShotWell, DigiCam, and DarkTable in action.  Some
great applications that I should take the time to learn.

I have not used a Raspberry Pi before, but I have a friend who would
like my assistance with one, so in the near future I may be getting a
lot of experience, therefore it was great to learn about Linux lxqt.

Thanks everyone !

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