[clug] I feel like a newbie... question

Peter Ellis vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 19:57:24 UTC 2016

Thanks, I have a Knoppix 7.4 DVD or the U14.04 stick as a stand-in system.
I have a recent download of the 'Precious', but can update that to the
external drive via Knoppix or the stick.

I can't see GRUB.

The update included a full Linux heart-and-soul update, so something has
gone wrong and its messed up everything.

This feels like a complete reinstall, now. I've done that before, over the

Thanks, all.


On 20 February 2016 at 12:22, David C <cottrill.david at gmail.com> wrote:

> Whilst I agree that a restore from backup is the correct answer, I am
> reasonably sure you wouldn't be asking this question if you had one.
> Two answers: take a backup then reinstall and restore your data, or fix the
> current installation.
> To get a backup, boot to a live CD and copy all of /home and any services
> configurations or data that you hold dear to a separate USB stick. If your
> USB drive is big enough, copy everything. Reinstall from scratch and put
> your data back afterwards. You may need to stuff around fixing file
> ownership.
> To fix the current installation, we/you are going to need more information.
> Do you get to the grub menu? If so, remove "quiet" from the kernel line for
> the kernel version you're using. This won't fix anything, but will spam
> messages to the screen to tell you more of what is happening. Google for
> grub prompt and you should find enough information to get you started.
> If you get stuck after grub has done its magic it begins to get more
> exciting.
> On 20 Feb 2016 23:22, "Peter Ellis" <vk1pe.peter at gmail.com> wrote:
> > So, I feel like a newbie.
> >
> > I have somehow 'bricked' my Ubuntu 14.4.03 LTS system in an update.
> >
> > Oh, how is that possible? It seems I thought that the 24-hour plus update
> > peocess was too long, so I rebooted the system, then found it 'bricked'.
> >
> > So, I have used my 14.04 USB to reboot; except that... the system wants
> to
> > do a re-install of 14.04 beside 14.04.03 rather than a 'fix' of the
> current
> > system.
> >
> > WHAT can I do to fix or Roll Back the Ubuntu 14.04.03 system, please?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Peter
> > [currently piggybacking on a W$10 system.]
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