[clug] I feel like a newbie... question

David C cottrill.david at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 17:22:17 UTC 2016

Whilst I agree that a restore from backup is the correct answer, I am
reasonably sure you wouldn't be asking this question if you had one.
Two answers: take a backup then reinstall and restore your data, or fix the
current installation.

To get a backup, boot to a live CD and copy all of /home and any services
configurations or data that you hold dear to a separate USB stick. If your
USB drive is big enough, copy everything. Reinstall from scratch and put
your data back afterwards. You may need to stuff around fixing file

To fix the current installation, we/you are going to need more information.
Do you get to the grub menu? If so, remove "quiet" from the kernel line for
the kernel version you're using. This won't fix anything, but will spam
messages to the screen to tell you more of what is happening. Google for
grub prompt and you should find enough information to get you started.
If you get stuck after grub has done its magic it begins to get more
On 20 Feb 2016 23:22, "Peter Ellis" <vk1pe.peter at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, I feel like a newbie.
> I have somehow 'bricked' my Ubuntu 14.4.03 LTS system in an update.
> Oh, how is that possible? It seems I thought that the 24-hour plus update
> peocess was too long, so I rebooted the system, then found it 'bricked'.
> So, I have used my 14.04 USB to reboot; except that... the system wants to
> do a re-install of 14.04 beside 14.04.03 rather than a 'fix' of the current
> system.
> WHAT can I do to fix or Roll Back the Ubuntu 14.04.03 system, please?
> Thanks,
> Peter
> [currently piggybacking on a W$10 system.]
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