[clug] Aarnet Ubuntu mirror back online

Michael James michael at james.st
Tue Sep 22 03:00:42 UTC 2015

On 21/09/2015, at 4:20 PM, Paul Harvey wrote:

> aarnet seems to hiccup often enough on debian and derivatives that
> I've taken to using cdn.debian.net instead.
> Over the years, I've sent E-mails to the aarnet mirror maintainer when
> I notice things, but they always seem to say something along the lines
> of "we know, we see the errors, something broke and didn't recover
> because of the dumb way that this archive works". And it takes a few
> days for things to settle again.

It's not just Debian, for years I never had any joy
 allowing Aarnet to infect my CPAN sources with its un-reliability.

I'm going with the theory they're not serious about maintaining their mirrors.

Michael James

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