[clug] Keyboard Oddness

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Thu May 21 19:23:56 MDT 2015

    I would also recommend Bob's suggestion "Have you tried testing it
with an external (USB) keyboard?"

At Wednesday, 20-05-2015 on 20:05 Jeff NotTelling wrote:

G'Day all,

Whilst not strictly (I think) a Linux issue, I am puzzled by a new
development with my laptop keyboard, as it doesn't seem to make sense
to me.

Laptop is running Kubuntu 15.04, for the last few weeks (upgraded from
14.10), all ok, now in the last couple of days the following issue has

- All keys on the keyboard work when using LOWER case
- When using the LEFT hand shift key the A, B and N keys produce
all other keys behave as expected with the LEFT shift key
- When using the RIGHT shift key, all keys work as expected, including
A, B and N keys
- When using CAPS Lock, all keys work as expected.

Has anyone any ideas on this?  To me, if the alpha-numeric keys
work, AND
the shift key works (for some keys) why would it not work for all?

I have tried a new profile, just in case it was some weird keyboard
assignment getting in the way, with the same behaviour.

I have not yet tried booting of a CD/USB, but that is probably my next

Just thought the collective here may have some suggestions, even if it
pointing out that my assumptions of "if a key works it works" is

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