[clug] Keyboard Oddness

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Wed May 20 18:47:29 MDT 2015

On 20/05/15 20:05, Jeff NotTelling wrote:
> G'Day all,
> Whilst not strictly (I think) a Linux issue, I am puzzled by a new
> development with my laptop keyboard, as it doesn't seem to make sense to me.
> Laptop is running Kubuntu 15.04, for the last few weeks (upgraded from
> 14.10), all ok, now in the last couple of days the following issue has
> arisen.
> - All keys on the keyboard work when using LOWER case
> - When using the LEFT hand shift key the A, B and N keys produce nothing,
> all other keys behave as expected with the LEFT shift key
> - When using the RIGHT shift key, all keys work as expected, including the
> A, B and N keys
> - When using CAPS Lock, all keys work as expected.
> Has anyone any ideas on this?  To me, if the alpha-numeric keys work, AND
> the shift key works (for some keys) why would it not work for all?
> I have tried a new profile, just in case it was some weird keyboard
> assignment getting in the way, with the same behaviour.
> I have not yet tried booting of a CD/USB, but that is probably my next step.
> Just thought the collective here may have some suggestions, even if it is
> pointing out that my assumptions of "if a key works it works" is wrong.
> Cheers,
> Jeff

Is this happening only in graphical UI, or does it happen in a virtual
console as well (<Ctrl><Alt><F1> etc.)?

Have you tried testing it with an external (USB) keyboard?


Bob Edwards.

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