[clug] Window resizing

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Jun 8 02:32:44 MDT 2015

Hey, Peter:

> OK, some good news in all of these threads.

At last!

> You don't need to exactly target the corners or edges to resize your 
> windows.

That had been bugging me.

> Put the mouse over the window you wish to resize, towards the edge you 
> want to move.


> Towards a corner if you want to move multiple (adjacent ;-) edges.

OK, gotcha.

> Hold down the ALT key (either one).

I tried the left.

> Middle-click-and-drag in the direction you wish to move the edge/s.

It works! The window resizes.

> You might also like to see what happens if you left-click-and-drag 
> while holding down the ALT key.

The whole window moves.



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