[clug] Stupid scroll bar!

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Sun Jun 7 03:50:44 MDT 2015

On Sun, 07 Jun 2015 14:29:09 +1000, Eyal Lebedinsky
<eyal at eyal.emu.id.au> wrote:

> I have a longstanding issue with scroll-bar behavior. What I like is that clicking
> above or below the "bar" (the vertical line segment inside the scroll-bar showing the
> extent that is visible) scroll a page-full up or down.
> Some programs actually move the visible part to where I click. I hate this.
> Thunderbird was doing this well and it still does,
> Firefox was doing it well and it now does not. How do I make firefox return to the
> nice way? Is there a global appearance setting to request this (meaning, is the SB
> a feature of the program or of the window manager or such?). Is there a FF option?

I'm seeing something similar with Evince rather than Firefox in
Debian testing.

The scrollbar has no arrows, just a rounded bar in it.  Left mouse
button scrolls to current position.  Right mouse button scrolls by 1
page though. Seems like some Gnome 3/GTK 3 thing that I don't want on
my XFCE desktop.

This anti-social app also causes my XFCE "tile left" and "tile right"
window manager key bindings to be ignored.  They work for all other

I wonder if it is the same problem?  ;-)

peace & happiness,

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