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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sat Feb 14 23:26:33 MST 2015

    (edited to correct some of my wording)


I am very impressed by your suggestion on using SSH (and I acknowledge
that others have also made this suggestion).  I have used this type
of solution for small business remote backup solutions (as I guess
many, many IT people have). 

Being a little paranoid, I would go as far as paying for fixed IP
addresses at both my home and at the friends home, then configuring
our firewalls so that only we can access each other's SSH ports.  My
reasoning is that I have checked server logs and watched people
attempting to password crack their way in. 

Naturally I would recommend having the SSH backup server in a DMZ,
provided by the ADSL modem or via a separate firewall system that
provides DMZ services.

As for OwnCloud, I did try this out one time, it is not too difficult
to do as there are many easy to follow tutorials out there.  The SSH
solution is so much simpler if backup is the goal.

There is a general rule of thumb that I use, "if you can access your
data from anywhere in the world, then your data is available for
anyone in the world to access", any security measures that you apply
are only filters to inhibit those who cannot find ways around your
security, or as discouragements those who do have the skill but do not
consider the value of your data worth the effort you have made it. 
However realise that there are those who simply love the challenge and
have little regards for any value your data may have.


At Sunday, 15-02-2015 on 10:10 Alex Satrapa wrote:

On 15 Feb 2015, at 10:01, jhock at iinet.net.au wrote:
> I have thought that having an encrypted hard disk as a cloud, stored
at a good friends home, (and visa versa) would be a great way of
backing up our data without the multinationals having my data. But how
does one achieve this? I'll have to ask a few of my friends who are
still in the IT business.

The simple pre-cloud option would be a low-power server that simply
mounts the encrypted volume and gives you access via SSH. You and your
friend would need to provide suitable firewall traversal.

Then use a system such as Rsync snapshots for backups (and since
you’ll be SSH-ing into the server you don’t need to store
passwords anywhere on the remote system).

There’s no need to use something as complicated as OwnCloud if all
you want to do is back up your file system.

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