[clug] White Firefox window

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Aug 17 13:35:03 UTC 2015

Thanks, Scott:

> Under the subject "White Firefox window", you directed me as follows. {Please don't respond more than once to a post.} Yet you habitually toldd me to perform tests and report their results.
> "habitually"?

I'm sure that it was all required. But I've been doing other things 
(like swimming 2 km) in between!

>> Which I did not feel able to do all in one go.
> I don't "feel" like chasing shotgun pellets, filling my head with spiders or learning frontier gibberish. But that's not relevant, helpful, a productive use of my time, or on-topic for the list.

Thank you for your persistent helpfulness, which has finally yielded 
results (see below).

> If you ask a question - wait for an answer before asking more questions.

Yes: "Since you don't want the answer, don't ask the question!" 
sometimes comes to mind!

>> In "Removing older kernels -> Ubuntu on a legacy PC", you suggested installing VirtualBox. Which in "Ubuntu on a legacy PC", I said that I had done. So I now have a 299-page manual to read.
> Most people use it "just fine" without having to press F1, or the manual.

I suffer thoroughness to a clinical degree!

> By all means read the manual if you choose. It'd be better IMO to post that to the relevant thread.

I have been confused as to such etiquette as various parties demanded.

>> That's called "Oracle VM VirtualBox User Manual". Before I get to your instruction to "try trusty with Xubuntu"!
> That's a different subject and deserves a different thread - where it's more likely to get an answer.

I have archived backups to DVD and CD-ROM disks. And I burned Legacy OS 
2.1 LTS onto a DVD-R. I read that was formerly Puppy Linux.

>   If it's phrased as a question.

 From a PROLOG project, I learned that statements and questions were 

>>>>> Reset firefox:- backup  ~/.mozilla/firefox/
>>>> I installed backup.
> Installing a "backup" *application* isn't the same as "backing up a
> directory".

I had thought that you wrote in shell script--to people! So I got 
confused, as I would prefer to write thus.
"To get the furble woggling, enter the following line of mumbo-jumbo in 
a terminal window.

> The latter can be done with cp.

As I had been confused (see above), so needed to read that!

> To reset Firefox either: load the about:support page and click on the Reset Firefox button which will delete your profile directory;or move/rename your profile directory and start Firefox.

I couldn't do the first, as that white window obscured what I tried to 
do with Firefox.

With File Manager at my home directory, I chose "Show Hidden Files". 
Thus I opened /.mozilla/, and renamed the /firefox/ directory to /~firefox/.

> You don't have to backup your profile first - it's just convenient sometimes.

Anyhow, I launched Firefox, which at first glance appears to be fine!

> You've chosen the crack a walnut with a pneumatic hammer. AFS is not a "simple backup program".

"We obey orders!"

>>>> Resulting in the following dialogue request.
>>> Um, tar might have been a simpler backup method, or just cping that *directory* to another name.

I have been using Ubuntu for two years. Yet I am not so familiar with 
using the underlying command-line programs.

>>> *Installed* backup?
>> Above, you had told me to run the "backup" program--that I didn't have!
> Read again. I suggested you backup your profile directory.

As above, I couldn't distinguish your instruction to me, from your 
script for my PC!

> I didn't say build a distributed computing system.

That seems far more difficult than I had imagined two years ago!

>>> I 'could' ask just how many machines you manage on that network - but that may lead to the mistaken impression that I could assist (and the possible answer that you only have one computer).
>> I have one desktop PC. To which I used to connect via USB, my mobile phone.
> Which is why I did *not* ask that question...[shrug]

As above, I have trouble differentiating "For future reference." from 
"Do this now!". That is, specifically I have a problem with taking 
things literally.

> That's all the time I have for posting.

Thank you for persistently solving this issue!

> Enjoy your week.

Thank you again.


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