[clug] White Firefox window

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 01:26:45 UTC 2015

On 16/08/15 01:41, Bryan Kilgallin wrote:
> Dear Scott:
> Under the subject "White Firefox window", you directed me as
> follows. {Please don't respond more than once to a post.} Yet you
> habitually toldd me to perform tests and report their results.


> Which I did not feel able to do all in one go.

I don't "feel" like chasing shotgun pellets, filling my head with
spiders or learning frontier gibberish. But that's not relevant,
helpful, a productive use of my time, or on-topic for the list.

If you ask a question - wait for an answer before asking more questions.
Or not. Just a suggestion, it's your choice.


> In "Removing older kernels -> Ubuntu on a legacy PC", you suggested 
> installing VirtualBox. Which in "Ubuntu on a legacy PC", I said that
> I had done. So I now have a 299-page manual to read.

Most people use it "just fine" without having to press F1, or the
manual. By all means read the manual if you choose. It'd be better IMO
to post that to the relevant thread.

> That's called "Oracle VM VirtualBox User Manual". Before I get to
> your instruction to "try trusty with Xubuntu"!

That's a different subject and deserves a different thread - where it's
more likely to get an answer. If it's phrased as a question.

>>>> Reset firefox:- backup  ~/.mozilla/firefox/
>>> I installed backup.

Installing a "backup" *application* isn't the same as "backing up a
directory". The latter can be done with cp.

To reset Firefox either: load the about:support page and click on the
Reset Firefox button which will delete your profile directory;or
move/rename your profile directory and start Firefox.
You don't have to backup your profile first - it's just convenient

You've chosen the crack a walnut with a pneumatic hammer. AFS is not a
"simple backup program".

>>> Resulting in the following dialogue request.
>> Um, tar might have been a simpler backup method, or just cping
>> that *directory* to another name.
>> *Installed* backup?
> Above, you had told me to run the "backup" program--that I didn't
> have!

Read again. I suggested you backup your profile directory. I didn't say
build a distributed computing system.

> Then I ran into the following quoted issue.
>>> {Configuring openafs-client 
>>> ├─────────────────────────────────────────────────┐ │ AFS
>>> filespace is organized into cells or administrative domains. Each
>>> workstation belongs to one cell.  Usually the cell is   │ │ the
>>> DNS domain name of the site. │ │ │ │ AFS cell this workstation
>>> belongs to:            }
>>> I do not know how to respond!
>> Likewise.
>> I 'could' ask just how many machines you manage on that network -
>> but that may lead to the mistaken impression that I could assist
>> (and the possible answer that you only have one computer).
> I have one desktop PC. To which I used to connect via USB, my mobile
> phone.

Which is why I did *not* ask that question...[shrug]

That's all the time I have for posting. Enjoy your week.

Kind regards

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