[clug] Linux engine management software

Keith Goggin keith.goggin at bigpond.com
Wed Aug 12 02:20:44 UTC 2015

While apropos-ing for something completely different I came across 
can-utils and Synaptic Package Manager told me ...

"CAN is a message-based network protocol designed for vehicles originally
created by Robert Bosch GmbH. SocketCAN is a set of open source CAN
drivers and a networking stack contributed by Volkswagen Research to the
Linux kernel"

Can-utils was available for my Distro and the Read-me led to the Linux 
Kernel Documentation at


Interesting stuff and quite topical given the recent hack of an in-car 
'entertainment system' my question to the list is does any of this 
interest you, if so would it be an interesting topic for further 
investigation and/or discussion?

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no interest in hacking someone else's car 
but merely an interest in decoding and diagnosing faults in my own 
vehicle. AFAIK modern engine management software is closed source which 
keeps one locked into expensive dealer only vehicle management.

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