[clug] Learning mc -> Can't save from nano

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 07:21:19 MDT 2015

On 09/04/15 22:40, Bryan Kilgallin wrote:
> Thanks for the help, Scott:
>> I'd find out where those "snippets" are coming from and deal with the
>> problem at the source.
> That issue seems , seems to have been caused by my having opened the
> Midnight Commander from Ubuntu's Launcher.

What should happen is that the menu should call mc in a new terminal
session (done with a .desktop file now-a-days).  e.g. "konsole -e mc" -
*but* you shouldn't get any "snippets".
'Perhaps' you create an entry for mc, unaware that it needs to be called
by the terminal and used "mc" instead of "konsole -e mc" which 'might'
produce "snippets"?? I'm unfamiliar with Ubuntu and GNOME, and how
you've got your box configured - so you'd have to give some information
(version of Ubuntu, actual menu command executed, etc) if you were
seeking a solution to the "problem".

>> Generally I just open a terminal session, on a non-gui box just a
>> pseudo-terminal, on a gui box generally konsole
>> (KDE).
> Similarly, from my terminal, there was now no such ghost-snippet problem.
>>> That was my recollection of initially using "mc". What alternatives
>>> does the "Configuration options: use internal edit" flag switch?
>> Allows you to use the internal editor (mcedit) instead of the system
>> default editor (usually the system default is nano).
> I tried the two, and prefer mcedit because I couldn't get nano to save
> changes. The latter editor wanted to save in:
>  "/tmp/mc-<username>/fish01QVkatesting.txt".

Perhaps you can't save "it" because you the key for save is reassigned
(or, see further down, because you're trying to save to tmp).

Remote into a device using ssh, start mc, use nano to edit and existing

*ssh to dev*
ssh dev
*start mc*
F4 to edit a selected file on dev
edit, edit
F2 to save edited file on dev (Y for yes when asked to save as same name
as original).

to create a file and edit it using nano with mc:-
touch file2edit
move selector over file2edit
F4 to edit with nano
edit, edit
F2 to save

Perhaps you've "assigned" F2 as a system-wide hot-key?? (not something
I'd recommend).

> The ending being my original file name in the phone's Documents directory.
> But viewing from "mc", that latter test file--showed no change/update.
> Then I looked in the "/tmp/mc-<username>/" directory--which was empty!

Um, because it's "temp"?

i.e. as soon as you no longer use that files it's deleted.  You 'should'
be able to save files to tmp - just don't expect them to remain there
for long.

Try using "touch" to create the "test" file - *where* you want the test
file to live. Alternatively edit an existing file - but when you go to
save it (F2) change the path *and* and the name of the file (which will
leave the original unchanged).

Kind regards

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