[clug] Can't save from nano -> Ubuntu Unity

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Apr 9 08:48:19 MDT 2015

Thanks, Scott:

> What should happen is that the menu should call mc in a new terminal session (done with a .desktop file now-a-days).

I have reinstalled the MC icon in the Launcher.

{The Unity user interface consists of several components:

  * *Launcher* – a dock
    <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dock_%28computing%29> that also
    serves as a window switcher. Multiple instances of an application
    are grouped under the same dock icon, with a number of indicators to
    the side of the icon showing how many instances are open.}


>   e.g. "konsole -e mc" - *but* you shouldn't get any "snippets".

I double-clicked on the MC icon in the Launcher. That opened an "mc" 
text-interface window. I dismissed the "User menu" dialogue list with 
[Esc]. In the left panel, I double-clicked "/Desktop". Then across the 
bottom of the right panel, appeared "Warning: cannot change to 
/home/<user>/Desktop.". Next I used the Options menu to turn on showing 
hidden files. Then in addition to the previous snippet at the bottom, 
across the middle near the top sprang "nge to /home/<user>/Desktop.". So 
now the mc window has accumulated two ghostly text snippets!

> 'Perhaps' you create an entry for mc, unaware that it needs to be called by the terminal and used "mc" instead of "konsole -e mc" which 'might' produce "snippets"?

Just to repeat what I had done to get there, I first unlocked the MC 
icon from the Launcher. Then in the HUD I typed "mc". Resulting in 
"Applications: Midnight Commander". Then I double-clicked that icon in 
the HUD. Which opened a text-based "mc[<user>@<host>]:~" window. And put 
an MC (Midnight Commander) icon in the Launcher.

{ TheHUDorHeads Up Displayis a search-based alternative to traditional 
menus and is a brand new feature in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.}
     [Ubuntu Help]

> I'm unfamiliar with Ubuntu and GNOME, and how you've got your box configured - so you'd have to give some information (version of Ubuntu, actual menu command executed, etc) if you were seeking a solution to the "problem".

Last year my old Mac Mini died. And I had wanted my next OS to be Linux. 
So an IT help desk friend advised me that Ubuntu was the most Mac-like 
distro. And so the tech guy in my local Men's Shed gave me a 
hand-me-down PC, with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed.

>>> Generally I just open a terminal session, on a non-gui box just a pseudo-terminal, on a gui box generally konsole (KDE).

For comparison I give the example of double-clicking the ELinks Web 
browser's Launcher icon. Then a terminal window opens and and operates 
OK. It seems however that only "mc" is buggy when opened from the Unity 

> Try using "touch" to create the "test" file - *where* you want the test file to live.

I'm puzzled. For in my terminal window I entered "apropos touch".
Which then explained: "touch (1)            - change file timestamps".



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