[clug] Learning mc -> Can't save from nano

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Apr 9 06:40:16 MDT 2015

Thanks for the help, Scott:

> I'd find out where those "snippets" are coming from and deal with the problem at the source.
That issue seems , seems to have been caused by my having opened the 
Midnight Commander from Ubuntu's Launcher.

> Generally I just open a terminal session, on a non-gui box just a pseudo-terminal, on a gui box generally konsole
> (KDE).

Similarly, from my terminal, there was now no such ghost-snippet problem.

>> That was my recollection of initially using "mc". What alternatives does the "Configuration options: use internal edit" flag switch?
> Allows you to use the internal editor (mcedit) instead of the system default editor (usually the system default is nano).

I tried the two, and prefer mcedit because I couldn't get nano to save 
changes. The latter editor wanted to save in:
The ending being my original file name in the phone's Documents directory.
But viewing from "mc", that latter test file--showed no change/update.
Then I looked in the "/tmp/mc-<username>/" directory--which was empty!


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