[clug] Why do we do what we do in Linux? [was Re: Text editor]

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Oct 28 08:32:13 MDT 2014

Hey Steve:

>> I feel that's telling me to Q@#%$ ^ off! I am a Linux user--albeit a beginner.
> Bryan, I’d swear at you if I meant to. If I was tell you to get lost you’d know it,.

Teaching a subject is different from doing it.

> You showed your disdain at the suggestion to read the Unix Philosophy, or any of its heritage, so you might understand why its different, what its trying to do and the 'rules of engagement’.

I read that major US manufacturers did training by having a DVD player 
near the worker. Which would on request show how to perform a task.

> Now when I’m trying to educate you on how Linux is a very different beast to what you imagine, you think I’m trying to piss you off.

Our backgrounds differ; I present an understanding from mine, and vice 

> Unix was built by programmers to held them do _their_ work.

Oh, I think you mean that UNIX was a commercial product.

> Linux and most FOSS tools are built by people _for themselves_.

This is describing a hobbyist domain.

> It’s a different paradigm.

That is a vague term, bandied about! Where's your sea-change, then? 
Maybe we should walk a mile in each others' shoes. :-[

> You need to understand this.

What you think I need, and what I think I need, may be different.

> It’s a central point.

You wanna push me round.

> Believe it or not, you have been cut a huge amount of slack because you’re a beginner.

At the flick of an eyebrow, you can dismiss me to Hell!

> Not just by me, but quite a few people on this list.

I understand you are alluding to emotion.


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