[clug] Offline snooping [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Ellis, Peter MR peter.ellis at defence.gov.au
Thu Jan 30 19:48:31 MST 2014


I *love* these calls; but, my family hates them because... I ALWAYS play along for 20 minutes of more.

I can't do a Little Old Lady but I get a rise by insisting that "I use Firefox rather than Explorer because I've heard it's more secure." Of course, I hold them off learning about my installation until they want me to go to the Start, and I then ask, "Where is that on K/Ubuntu?" The phone typically goes down at that stage.

> They pretended to be from Telstra Bigpond ("your Internet access is 
> about to be cut-off"), from Windows Technical Support ("you have some 
> malware on your computer") and from somewhere else in Microsoft. ("you 
> have to install an update").


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