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On 2014-08-21 11:20, George at Clug wrote: 

> As a Canberra Linux
Users Group attendee, I am curious to understand
> the purpose of the
list, what peoples interests are, etc.

Interests: Road / Transport
infrastructure, open source computing, travel (domestic and overseas),
photography, radio (both on air and technical), Volvo cars. 

> Are
people on this list more about Linux in general, or Samba primarily as
well as Linux ?

I'm here because I am interested in a local community I
can get support from, and to expand the social circle a bit. 

Are you

> ll of the above" ? 
> I use it at home, and on the sly
about to setup a VM on the Mac at work, which I will use for my non-work
ixing work and non-work interests. At home I run a Dell Optiplex
Quad Core 3.4 GHz SFF PC, with hybrid SSD and 1 normal HDD (I crammed
the hybrid drive in the 3.5" bay which is partially blocked by the power
supply, so the hybrid is held in place by gaffer tape, as a bracket /
adapter wont fit), 4GB RAM using all the onboard crap that it comes
with. The OS is Ubuntu LTS14.04, this is currently dual booting with
Windows 7, but I have finally stopped needing Windows, so I am about to
dump the partition. On my Macbook, early 2011 i7 Dual Core, 8GB RAM, 2TB
HDD, I am running Linux Mint 17 Qiana Mate dual booting with OSX
Mavericks. I use OSX mostly to play the current Origin incarnation of
SimCity, as I never had much luck getting it going under Windows 7 or 8.
There's one or two Mac apps that I like too, but I've found equivalents
for most of what I need in the open source realm or by running the
Windows version of the app via Wine. The plan is to eventually move to
Mint on the desktop PC as well, but I have been hesitant because I've
spent so many hours getting Ubuntu and more importantly Wine working
properly and worried I am going to break all my work with fresh install.

How many people are on the list but are unable to attend a Users Group
because of geographical separation? 

I do

> t to set aside a night all
about computing. I know there's a social element as well, but during the
week, I'm a big h
 rather use IM, IRC or forums and then for the social
element, go to dinner somewhere or a BBQ. I live in northwest Belconnen,
so accessing the current meeting venue is not a big effort however.

Paul Rands
lists at paulrands.com


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