[clug] [OT] How many CLUG members

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 02:55:32 MDT 2014

On 21/08/14 11:20, George at Clug wrote:
>     Hi,
> Could someone please explain to me the significance of "[clug] [OT]"
> in the subject line?  Is there some technical email filter that
> manages different User Groups using this text ?

Firstly, as has been explained - the [CLUG] prefix shows it's the
Canberra Linux Users Group, there are other lists managed by the same
mail server.
Secondly, the additional [OT] tag, unofficial, shows that the subject of
the post is "Off-Topic" (not about Linux). This is a common list
ettiquette[*1] that allows subscribers to filter the list. e.g. I have a
subdirectory of my mail folder Inbox for this list called "Off Topic" -
my MUA filters the inbox and automagically puts [OT] posts there, if I
have time I'll read them - at a lower priority than on-topic posts.

> I am also interested to know if this email list is Australia wide, or
> Canberra wide, or maybe some other region?

Many of the subscribers are, or were, local. Some have never been. An
interest in Linux is sufficient reason to subscribe.

> As a Canberra Linux Users Group attendee, I am curious to understand
> the purpose of the list, what peoples interests are, etc.

Linux, Linux and Canberra.
The problems people have with Linux and other related subjects.

> Are people on this list more about Linux in general, or Samba
> primarily as well as Linux ?

Linux primarily. Samba as a CIFS/SMB file system used on Linux to
connect to Windoof.

> Are you interested in Linux for home use, business use, use by
> educational institutions/non-for-profit organisations, or "d) all of
> the above" ?

All of the above and more.

> How many people are on the list but are unable to attend a Users Group
> because of geographical separation?

There are other reasons why local (not geographically separated)
subscribers don't attend meetings.

> Apologies for all the questions, but if you are interested in
> responding to any of my questions, please do.
> George.
> At Wednesday, 20-08-2014 on 13:46 Paul Rands wrote:
> On 2014-08-19 13:51, steve jenkin wrote: 

[*1] (gently) like interleaved posting.
and not starting new subjects with new posts :)

Kind regards

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