[clug] [OT] How many CLUG members

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Wed Aug 20 20:36:49 MDT 2014

"OT" means off-topic, or general discussion. Whereas I think that a 
mailing list is for reaching out to a large group of people.

I am a local home Ubuntu user. Though I have a more general, 
philosophical interest. So I attend general and programming special 
interest group meetings.

On 21/08/14 11:20, George at Clug wrote:
>      Hi,
> Could someone please explain to me the significance of "[clug] [OT]"
> in the subject line?  Is there some technical email filter that
> manages different User Groups using this text ?
> I am also interested to know if this email list is Australia wide, or
> Canberra wide, or maybe some other region?
> As a Canberra Linux Users Group attendee, I am curious to understand
> the purpose of the list, what peoples interests are, etc.
> Are people on this list more about Linux in general, or Samba
> primarily as well as Linux ?
> Are you interested in Linux for home use, business use, use by
> educational institutions/non-for-profit organisations, or "d) all of
> the above" ?
> How many people are on the list but are unable to attend a Users Group
> because of geographical separation?
> Apologies for all the questions, but if you are interested in
> responding to any of my questions, please do.
> George.
> At Wednesday, 20-08-2014 on 13:46 Paul Rands wrote:
> On 2014-08-19 13:51, steve jenkin wrote:
>> Great Story. It belongs
> on a "High Praise" wall.
>> If only Telstra had one… Such a cheap, simple
> way to collect positive stories. Great PR against 'The Evil Empire',
> sorely needed…
> I think the techs in Dubbo have been doing their job
> since the PMG and Telecom days. Most of them are in the older
> category,
> though are paired up with a guy in his 20s when they turn up. I
> suppose
> if this kind of mentoring continued, we would be getting a much better
> level of service.
> I'm loathed to return to Telstra for my mobile, but I
> am finding, even here in Canberra, the Optus coverage is crap. 3G data
> rarely works in Belconnen CBD, I get 1 to 2 bars of 3G signal at home,
> except in the bedroom where sometimes I get no signal. The tower is
> about 500 m from my place in Spence. Perhaps I am in a shadow of the
> hill / tower, however when I had to use Telstra 3G prepaid broadband
> when I first moved in, I got 4 bars of signal and some excellent
> speeds,
> better than my ADSL some days. Both cells are on top of Mt Rodgers.
> My
> ADSL is crap because the phone lines are above ground and constantly
> getting chewed by native birds. Every few months swathes of houses
> lose
> their landlines and then we battle to get the lines replaced again. I
> waited almost 3 months before Telstra finally replaced the feed cable
> from the pole to the property. The bloke who turned up after the
> previous 2 techs recorded no fault, found the fault immediately, and
> had
> it fixed in 3.5 hours. He was on his own and I had to help him test
> the
> line from the exchange back my place. He put in the hard yards to get
> me
> up and running, and to this day it's still working and I appreciate
> his
> efforts, it's been over a year now.
> --
> Paul Rands
> lists at paulrands.com


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