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Could someone please explain to me the significance of "[clug] [OT]"
in the subject line?  Is there some technical email filter that
manages different User Groups using this text ?

I am also interested to know if this email list is Australia wide, or
Canberra wide, or maybe some other region?

As a Canberra Linux Users Group attendee, I am curious to understand
the purpose of the list, what peoples interests are, etc.

Are people on this list more about Linux in general, or Samba
primarily as well as Linux ?

Are you interested in Linux for home use, business use, use by
educational institutions/non-for-profit organisations, or "d) all of
the above" ?

How many people are on the list but are unable to attend a Users Group
because of geographical separation?

Apologies for all the questions, but if you are interested in
responding to any of my questions, please do.


At Wednesday, 20-08-2014 on 13:46 Paul Rands wrote:

On 2014-08-19 13:51, steve jenkin wrote: 

> Great Story. It belongs
on a "High Praise" wall.
> If only Telstra had one… Such a cheap, simple
way to collect positive stories. Great PR against 'The Evil Empire',
sorely needed…

I think the techs in Dubbo have been doing their job
since the PMG and Telecom days. Most of them are in the older
though are paired up with a guy in his 20s when they turn up. I
if this kind of mentoring continued, we would be getting a much better
level of service.

I'm loathed to return to Telstra for my mobile, but I
am finding, even here in Canberra, the Optus coverage is crap. 3G data
rarely works in Belconnen CBD, I get 1 to 2 bars of 3G signal at home,
except in the bedroom where sometimes I get no signal. The tower is
about 500 m from my place in Spence. Perhaps I am in a shadow of the
hill / tower, however when I had to use Telstra 3G prepaid broadband
when I first moved in, I got 4 bars of signal and some excellent
better than my ADSL some days. Both cells are on top of Mt Rodgers.

ADSL is crap because the phone lines are above ground and constantly
getting chewed by native birds. Every few months swathes of houses
their landlines and then we battle to get the lines replaced again. I
waited almost 3 months before Telstra finally replaced the feed cable
from the pole to the property. The bloke who turned up after the
previous 2 techs recorded no fault, found the fault immediately, and
it fixed in 3.5 hours. He was on his own and I had to help him test
line from the exchange back my place. He put in the hard yards to get
up and running, and to this day it's still working and I appreciate
efforts, it's been over a year now.

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