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Great Story. It belongs on a “High Praise” wall.
If only Telstra had one… Such a cheap, simple way to collect positive stories. Great PR against ’The Evil Empire’, sorely needed… 

 - the Tech was genuinely concerned for your outcome
 - he kept thinking about your fault on his own time
 - he exhibited great problem solving skills,
     thought “outside the box” and
     came up with a testable theory, with a quick, simple fix [that was the test]

Techs like that should be publicly acknowledged and thanked.
If Telstra increased the number of people like this and decreased the “time servers” and “paint by numbers” crowd, they’d start to have a good reputation, which shows up on the bottom line.

On 19 Aug 2014, at 1:34 pm, Paul Rands <lists at paulrands.com> wrote:

> That said, when dealing with the Telstra techs in Dubbo
> when I was having landline issues with my ADSL, they were great. I had
> one bloke turn up at my flat one morning after being there a couple of
> days before, after he had an idea of what the fault was as he was
> driving to work, turned out to be a loose connection in the wall outlet
> that expanded and contracted with the temperature. He reconnected the
> wall plate and everything was spot on after that. 

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